About Dara

Head shot of Dara Burwell

Dara Burwell, Coffee ShopFor as long as I can remember, I have been deeply committed to the fair and equitable treatment of people.  This guides my work.

Being a queer, mixed race woman has provided me with a lifetime of observations on how power and privilege work, as well as its tremendous, multilayered impact. I want to provide people with the tools they need to re-envision their organizations and interpersonal relationships. I want to help people build powerful and transformative alliances.

I have formally worked as an anti-oppression and inclusiveness consultant for over ten years, and have guided trainings, discussion groups, and other anti-oppression focused activities for nearly twenty years. I have designed and conducted hundreds of workshops for over 100 organizations, provided executive coaching, facilitated caucuses/discussion groups, produced curricula, etc. My work has encompassed both continuing and short-term projects, and is customized to suit each client. I look forward to supporting you in your anti-oppression and equity work.

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