More to come next week

Face of a large and ornate yellow and black clock, photo by Maksym Yemelyanov

Hi Folks,

It’s Thursday, and I would normally release a new blog post today.  However, my next piece will come out on Thursday, November 17th instead.

Whenever I write a long post, I tend to break it into two parts.  This is because the posts take several hours to write on my end, and also make for a lot of content for people to read (often what appears to be too much content for one post).  When I originally wrote Reflections of a Biracial Sellout, I intended it to be a two part post.  However, I eventually decided that something about the piece would be lost if I broke it up.  So, I published it as one long piece.

As a result, the post I had planned for this week has already been published.  I will post new content again next Thursday.  In the meantime, have a beautiful week.

Many Thanks,

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