Benefits of Equity Work

Anti-oppression and equity work allow organizations to better accomplish their missions, live their values, and have an intentional impact. The purpose and benefits of this work include:

  • Create an environment that is genuinely cohesive, welcoming, and equitable through self reflection, action, and meaningful alliances.
  • Improve an organization’s services and accountability to the communities it serves.
  • Transform organizational culture, policies, and structures to support the full realization of people’s talents, leadership, and creativity.
  • Comprehensively resolve conflicts.
  • Increase understanding and awareness of anti-oppression and inclusiveness issues.
  • Achieve goals related to social justice. Recognize one’s impact on others and take responsibility for creating a more just world.
  • Identify and address problems, tensions, or gaps related to race, sex, gender identity, class, and sexual orientation.
  • Recognize and reflect on biases, whether they are conscious or unconscious, identify the consequences that these biases produce, and devise ways to address their root causes.
  • Increase competence and skill levels.