Health Equity Team

The Health Equity Learning Series (HELS) is an educational program of The Colorado Trust.  HELS aims to increase knowledge and awareness of health equity through presentations from experts discussing factors that increase disparities and solutions that advance health equity.  This year, The Colorado Trust has contracted Transformative Alliances LLC to provide facilitation to the 2016-2017 HELS grantee communities.  Facilitators will lead participants through a conversation on the health equity topic presented by the speaker, and help the communities learn about and discuss issues, barriers to progress, and solutions for their specific communities.  Below are the Transformative Alliances LLC facilitators:


Picture of Dara BurwellDara Burwell, Lead Facilitator

Dara is the founder and President of Transformative Alliances LLC.  She has formally worked as an anti-oppression and equity consultant for eight (8) years, and has guided trainings, discussion groups, and other anti-oppression activities for fourteen (14) years.  She has designed and conducted well over 100 workshops for over 80 organizations, facilitated anti-oppression planning sessions, provided executive and group coaching, facilitated caucuses/ discussion groups, conducted assessments and evaluations, developed tailored and specialized curricula, and earned her certificate in mediation.  Dara’s work has encompassed both continuing and short-term projects, customized to suit each organization, and is specifically trained in Theater of the Oppressed and Community Counseling techniques.


Picture of Nicole HurtNicole Hurt, Lead Facilitator

Nicole brings over 20 years of social justice and community organizing experience to her work as an Anti-Oppression trainer, consultant, and coach.  She works with communities, individuals, and organizations, and has conducted trainings, workshops, classes, assessments, evaluations, planning processes, organizational development work, curricular development, individual and group coaching sessions, identity-based caucus work, and other customized consulting services.  Nicole is also a trained Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner.  Nicole’s activism has been most rooted in solidarity/coalition work, with an emphasis on immigrant rights, economic justice, and anti-racist organizing (in both LGBTQ and broader communities). She has worked in collaboration with professional colleagues, a range of activist groups across the country, and community members to lead campaigns for health care reform, police accountability, and equal language access in voting, to name a few.


Picture of Joy LujanJoy Lujan, Facilitator

Joy is the founder and principal of Connected Realities, LLC. She has 17 years experience as a passionate and effective community planner conducting collaborative planning processes with federal, state, and local partners. Joy is an experienced facilitator, mediator, trainer, and collaboration expert.  Joy’s commitment is to inspire people to find and use their inner power, potential and passion to make positive changes in their lives, and help them translate that individual power into collective action through collaboration. Her passion is about bringing people together to hear and understand each other and to work together to create solutions that last. Joy helps facilitate a shift in the process by which people have conversations about complex issues and brings the skills of collaboration, shared understanding, respectful dialogue, and cooperation to decision-making for successful outcomes.


Picture of Judith MarquezJudith Marquez, Facilitator

Judith has over five years of community organizing experience with Latino immigrant communities in Denver.  She possesses a unique skill set to effectively mobilize people as they seek dignified jobs that pay a fair wage, comprehensive immigration reform, and access to safe and affordable housing and transportation. Judith works as the Employment Expansion and Protection Director at El Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores (El Centro), and organizes their Direct Action Team – a group of committed volunteers who support workers in recuperating stolen wages. Having grown up the daughter of Mexican immigrant parents, Judith sees her own family’s struggle reflected in many of the workers experiences. Judith is also very committed to anti-oppression work and brings this perspective to all aspects of her work.


Picture of Lynne SpragueLynne Sprague, Facilitator

Politicized around her own experiences with intimate partner violence, Lynne has been engaged in anti-violence work for the last 20 years.  After moving to Colorado from Texas, Lynne worked extensively with community groups with intersectional frameworks.  This deepened her commitment to broad community work rooted in anti-oppression and liberatory values. Lynne serves as the Director of Advocacy and Co-Executive Director at Survivors Organizing for Liberation (SOL), an organization which is near and dear to her heart.  Prior to SOL, Lynne was the Director at a Colorado-based safehouse and under her leadership the organization changed their gender-based policy to include survivors of all genders. Lynne was also the co-chair of the Grant Making Committee at the Chinook Fund, an activist-based foundation in Colorado. Lynne developed curriculum for a graduate-level course on Intimate Partner Violence for the University of Denver, which she has taught for the last 8 years.