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Dara Burwell has worked as a writer and community organizer dedicated to personal and collective liberation. Her upbringing as a queer woman of mixed racial heritage has always provided her with multifaceted observations on privilege and power. Dara completed her education as an English Major with a minor in Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she was very involved in student activism and student government. After college, Dara worked as a staff person for the Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, and then became a community organizer for 9to5, the National Association of Working Women. In addition to founding Transformative Alliances LLC, Dara also worked as the Co-Director of Prax(us), a non-profit organization working to end domestic human trafficking, until March of 2011. Dara has formally worked as an anti-oppression and inclusiveness consultant for several years, and has guided trainings, discussion groups, and other inclusiveness activities for over a decade. She has designed and conducted dozens of workshops for a variety of organizations, facilitated inclusiveness planning, provided executive coaching, facilitated caucuses/discussion groups, conducted assessments and evaluations, and earned her certificate in mediation. Dara’s work has encompassed both continuing and short-term projects, customized to suit each organization, and is specifically trained in Theater of the Oppressed and Re-Evaluation Counseling techniques.

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