Workshops & Presentations

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Transformative Alliances workshops and presentations are designed to raise awareness about specific anti-oppression and equity issues using activities, participants’ lived experiences, and new information. As a group, participants develop tools to produce organizational and personal growth, and devise solutions to existing problems. Each presentation and workshop is individualized to meet the needs of the organization and participants.


Transformative Alliances provides a personalized package of services that fully engages each participant. 60% to 90% of each workshop is composed of highly interactive exercises using experiential learning. These are collective learning techniques that draw upon the knowledge and experience of the group. Activities allow for full participation, encourage critical reflection and action, and include small group work, role-playing, games, etc. Specific techniques include Theatre of the Oppressed and Community Counseling.  The most effective workshops are typically conducted on an ongoing basis or in series. One-time trainings are also available. Trainings range from three to eight hours (per day).


Presentations incorporate multiple forms of media, such as photographs, audio recordings, and video, to promote a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, participants are engaged in some activities that can be done while seated, which promotes ongoing engagement. These techniques, in combination with stories, humor, and self-reflection, help to generate effective educational presentations.