Techniques & Methodology

Transformative Alliances works to provide a personalized package of services that fully engages each participant. 80% to 90% of each workshop is composed of highly interactive exercises using the following methods:

Experiential Learning

Collective learning techniques that draw upon the knowledge and experience of the group. Activities allow for full participation, and encourage critical reflection and action. This style of learning includes small group work, role playing, games, etc.

Theatre of the Oppressed

Theatre of the Oppressed is a series of social justice based activities and techniques that originated in Brazil, and developed throughout South America (and eventually Europe). Introduced by Augusto Boal, these techniques center around movement, and are designed to support participants in a body-based exploration of power and privilege. Activities engage participants in examining oppression overall as well as their personal beliefs and actions, both conscious and unconscious. Theatre of the Oppressed techniques have a rich history in movement building and social change.  For more information, click here.

Community Counseling

An active listening technique, conducted primarily in pairs, that allows participants to respond to directed questions with the help and attention of fellow participants. This technique allows participants to reflect on their personal development, how their socialization impacts their current understanding of systems of power, as well as their role in them. It also facilitates an opportunity to be more self aware, and release harmful and/or unconscious beliefs without judgment or interruption.