Reflections on “Normal,” Part 2

Classic corporate black leather office chair with a chrome base and wheels, photo by Vadym Nechyporenko

As Veronica and I left the conference room and made our way back down to the parking lot, my mind flitted over the gendered, raced, and classed nature of the interview in the same intangible way that I… Read More

Reflections on “Normal,” Part 1

Corporate conference room featuring a large black conference table surrounded by beige cloth chairs, photo by Aaron Kohr

A while back, Veronica LaCrue (also known as the Business Doctor) and I submitted a proposal in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) from a local organization. ┬áThe RFP requested a facilitator for a large-scale, ongoing inclusiveness… Read More

Services & Solutions

Transformative Alliances LLC offers a range of anti-oppression and inclusiveness services. Workshops and Presentations Individual and Small Group Coaching Organizational Planning and Assessments Mediation Please note that my primary (though not exclusive) areas of focus are race, gender,… Read More

Anti-Oppression Work

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Anti-oppression work both reveals and addresses the root causes of many cross-identity issues that organizations face. Anti-oppression theory maintains that certain identity groups are valued above others, and have more social power. ┬áThis imbalance of power is rooted… Read More


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Anti-oppression and equity work allow organizations to better accomplish their missions, live their values, and have an intentional impact. The purpose and benefits include: creating a genuinely cohesive, welcoming, and equitable environment; improving an organization’s services and accountability to the communities it serves; positively transforming organizational culture and structures; and so much more.