Reflections on “Normal,” Part 1

Corporate conference room featuring a large black conference table surrounded by beige cloth chairs, photo by Aaron Kohr

A while back, Veronica LaCrue (also known as the Business Doctor) and I submitted a proposal in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) from a local organization.  The RFP requested a facilitator for a large-scale, ongoing inclusiveness… Read More

Letter to a Young Man About Sexism

Close-up of a vibrant red envelope, its ornate flap slightly raised, photo by Victor Burnside

I wrote the below letter to a teenager who is an important part of my life.  As an anti-oppression trainer I regularly talk about issues of oppression, power, and privilege.  Regardless, I often find that discussing the same… Read More

Anti-Oppression Work

Brown hands with sparkling nails gently holding a small globe, photo by Qtrix

Anti-oppression work both reveals and addresses the root causes of many cross-identity issues that organizations face. Anti-oppression theory maintains that certain identity groups are valued above others, and have more social power.  This imbalance of power is rooted… Read More


Large weathered sign reads "entrance" in fading red letters, underneath an unlit neon arrow points the way, photo by Sarah Post

I struggled with how to devise an appropriate introduction to this blog.  There are a number of business models out there that have very specific instructions on what I am to do.  They do not, however, appeal to… Read More