Planning & Assessments

Transformative Alliances is experienced in conducting organizational assessments and evaluations, as well as organizational anti-oppression and equity planning.

Organizational Anti-Oppression & Equity Planning

Effective, sustainable, and ongoing anti-oppression and equity work require intentional implementation. Organizational planning identifies an organization’s immediate needs pertaining to anti-oppression and equity work, and lays out the goals, objectives, and timeline necessary to maintain a meaningful anti-oppression and equity practice.

The planning process is individualized to the organization, and is meant to produce a series of accessible, achievable actions toward accomplishing anti-oppression and equity goals.


A collaborative examination of an organization’s anti-oppression and equity practices. This can include an analysis of an organization’s strengths, how well it recognizes and uses relevant resources, gaps in information, and needed changes. ¬†Assessments may include online surveys, individual interviews, and/or focus groups with¬†employees, the Board, clients/participants, community members, and/or fellow organizations. ¬†Assessments may also include a review of organizational policies and procedures (i.e. supervision practices, pay and benefit scales, etc.).

Assessments provide organizations with the basis to implement an anti-oppression and equity plan, and improve its practices.