Anti-Oppression Work

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Anti-oppression work both reveals and addresses the root causes of many cross-identity issues that organizations face. Anti-oppression theory maintains that certain social identity groups are valued above others, and have more social power. ┬áThis imbalance of power is… Read More

About Dara

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For as long as I can remember, I have been deeply committed to the fair and equitable treatment of people. ┬áThis guides my work. Being a queer, mixed race woman has provided me with a lifetime of observations… Read More


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Anti-oppression and equity work allow organizations to better accomplish their missions, live their values, and have an intentional impact. The purpose and benefits include: creating a genuinely cohesive, welcoming, and equitable environment; improving an organization’s services and accountability to the communities it serves; positively transforming organizational culture and structures; and so much more.