The Zombie Apocalypse: Where We Are Right Now

Barely contained zombie arms extending out from behind two large wooden doors that read "keep clear" and "do not block doorway", photo by digitalstorm

I understand why people are afraid of zombies.  I am afraid of zombies. But, no supernatural/superhuman element or condition need be present for people to be that kind of terrifying.  We, on our own, without the aid of… Read More

Oppression’s Essential Guide to Nowhere: Poking Holes in the Roadmap to Success, Part 2

A weathered wooden ladder extending into the sky, but connecting to nothing, photo by Yury Shirokov

Models promoting the guarantee of middle class success (including the middle class’ guide to upper class status) typically work as follows:  You are in a boat with 100 other people trying to reach the same island.  They are… Read More

Oppression’s Essential Guide to Nowhere: Poking Holes in the Roadmap to Success, Part 1

White business man giving a thumbs up in a classic depiction of dominant culture, photo by Sandra Dragojlovic

I am lectured by my internalized oppression: “A writer?  Fool. Do you honestly believe that what you have to say matters or carries any importance in the world?  That anyone will want to hear it?  You speck.  You nothing. The… Read More

Reflections of a Biracial Sellout.

Stamp mark reading "Sold Out", photo by Oxlock

I look into the eyes of my friend whose crisp gaze synthesizes many ways of knowing- beyond the limits of the physical world, reading into me soul-to-soul.  Does she know that this is a power she carries?  This… Read More

Letter to a Young Man About Sexism

Close-up of a vibrant red envelope, its ornate flap slightly raised, photo by Victor Burnside

I wrote the below letter to a teenager who is an important part of my life.  As an anti-oppression trainer I regularly talk about issues of oppression, power, and privilege.  Regardless, I often find that discussing the same… Read More

Anti-Oppression Work

Brown hands with sparkling nails gently holding a small globe, photo by Qtrix

Anti-oppression work both reveals and addresses the root causes of many cross-identity issues that organizations face. Anti-oppression theory maintains that certain identity groups are valued above others, and have more social power.  This imbalance of power is rooted… Read More